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Now more than ever.

The spectre of genocide looms over every new war, lingering conflict, and failed state across the globe. We prevent genocide by remembering the horrors committed in the past, especially the holocaust. We support the efforts of organizations and leaders who actively undertake genocide education and awareness, and combat those who would deny their existence.

The Armenian GenocideThe HolocaustThe Rwandan GenocideNEVER AGAIN

Genocide education, awareness, and prevention are the founding cause for We are committed to supporting those groups and individuals who continue the fight each and every day to prevent such atrocities from occurring again.

Genocide Stories

06Mar 18

Profiles in Courage: Edward Stack

Edward Stack Edward Stack is the CEO of Dick's Sporting Goods, a business he inherited from his father in the 1980's, and one which he built into a multi-national sporting…

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Events for Genocide Awareness and Prevention

Support and participate in upcoming events and marches for genocide awareness and prevention. (click the images below to visit event pages)

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